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SAVE A MOM is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization located in East Sparta, OH whose purpose is to rescue unwanted pregnant dogs destined for euthanasia. 90% of the pregnant dogs we take in are dumped off at the pound because their owner no longer wants them. We are not picky! We try to take any mother dog that is facing death, as long as we have the space and funds. Our main source of funding is through donations and adoption fees.

Once in our care, these momma dogs are given proper nutrition, vet care and assistance during whelping. The puppies are monitored for weight gain and proper development. All pups will have had their first set of vaccinations and de-worming. They will also be started on heartworm/flea prevention before being available for adoption. All puppies will be spayed or neutered before adoption.

The momma dog will then be spayed and all vet work brought up-to-date before her adoption.


Spay or Neuter

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Posted: Apr 23, 2014

Save A Mom would like to thank Greg & Mary Jane for chairing the ACME Cash back program and everyone who sent in their receipts. We just received a check for $326.89 from ACME and will use that towards Annie Sue's leg injury. Annie decided she was bored sitting in that x-pen while I cleaned her crate so she climbed up the side and jumped. The only problem was when she jumped 3 legs went with her and the 4th slide thru the fence and got stuck. A trip to Metropolitan Vet Hospital and $3,000.00 is going to make her well again! Thank you Dr. Daye and all of the staff for taking excellent care of her. She is doing great.

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