About Save a Mom

Save a Mom Pregnant Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill rescue organization for unwanted pregnant dogs destined for euthanasia. Save a Mom (or SAM) has provided pounds and shelters a safe place to send their pregnant dogs, newly whelped litters and orphan pups. Most of the pregnant dogs taken in were dumped at the pounds, which are not capable of caring for the mom and her newborn puppies. We are not breed-specific, nor do we pick-and-choose; as long as we have the space and funds, the dogs are saved!

Once in our care, the true rescue effort begins. We, along with our veterinarian, make an in-depth assessment of any medical conditions, which are treated at once. Pregnant moms are assisted with whelping (which most of the time is during the middle of the night). All too frequently the mom is emaciated and unable to provide milk for her babies; the puppies are then placed on round-the-clock bottle feeding.

Before becoming available for adoption, the mom will be spayed, dewormed, tested for heartworm & lyme disease, vaccinated, and started on heartworm & flee prevention. The puppies are also spayed/neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, and also started on heartworm & flea prevention.

Save a Mom relies solely on adoption fees and donations. Veterinary fees and special-need costs are barely covered. We are always accepting donations and volunteers. We appreciate any (seemingly) little help and any time that our volunteers can spare. No salaries are paid to anyone - this is the true meaning of \"a labor of love.\"

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide pounds and shelters a safe place to send their pregnant dogs, newly whelped litters and orphan pups. Our goal is to spay and neuter every pet before leaving Save A Mom, find them loving, permanent new homes and to educate the younger generation on proper pet care.

Our History

Save a Mom started in October 2005, when Denise Jones received a phone call from a local vet about a pregnant dog found running in the park. She had suffered horrible abuse and trusted no one. The dog was named Sammie and somehow the miracle of birth gave her a reason to live and also gain the trust of Denise. Sammie helped Denise become educated and aware of an all too common problem at pounds and shelters...what to do with the pregnant dog? Hence, Save a Mom was formed.

The original intention of Save a Mom was to take in and rescue one pregnant dog at a time - but that was very short-lived. Due to the overwhelming need and Denise\'s kind heart, Save a Mom was suddenly caring for several mother dogs and their litters and turning away several on a daily basis due to a lack of space and funds. Save a Mom is run out of Denise\'s loving home in East Sparta, Ohio where she is currently caring for multiple litters of puppies.